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Mission Statement

My mission with is multi-dimensional. I hope to disseminate information for people looking for ways to shrink their carbon footprint, expand human consciousness, publish resources for the needy and poor, encourage community cohesion through varying methods like community gardening and recycling programs as well as groups that can meet to share ideas about how they do these things and can help heal the planet so it may continue to support human life.

Part of this mission must include keeping the internet free with Net Neutrality. The direction in which Corporate America is moving will make the entire world a corporation – owned and operated by lesser-conscious beings, if we do not stop it, NOW. We cannot allow this. If corporations like Comcast, who earned The Worst Corporation for 2014 have their way – and believe me, they have invested greatly in this, as has AT&T, this site and many like it will never be seen and none of our voices will ever be heard online again unless these corporations allow it. They will not allow this to be said. It’s unconstitutional. We must make a stand. Click HERE before September 10th to tell your Congressperson to allow the FCC to support Title 2 Classification and allow Net Neutrality to prevail.

There will be resources for voter registration and posts on why voting in a failing democracy is more important than even in a functioning one. I would love to provide listings for voter registration access online and in-person, as well as poll locations around the country.

I will be working to expand this blog to be a part of a larger Non-Profit or Charity organization to help people find the resources they need in order to live in harmony with one-another and our precious planet. This will include resources for people all around the world suffering from catastrophic events.

I will also be writing posts about current events, technology, politics, environmentalism, spirituality vs religion, humanitarianism and though it may seem a bit droll to some; I assure you, I will lace it with some humor. It is not my intention to make jokes or entertain, but to deliver the information in a more easily digestible manner.

There will be a way to make contributions once the organization is setup and all proceeds will go toward keeping this blog-spot open and functioning as well as particular charities, non-profits and essential events which will need help in the catastrophic times to come as well as helping to feed, house and clothe the needy right here, in our own proverbial backyards and around the world.

In a nutshell, the mission here is to bring people together under one shared necessity – the most important one of all – saving our planet so that it can continue to sustain human life. Earth will go on without us, but we cannot survive without Earth. So drop all the racism, wars on countries, people and drugs and lets work together as one, which is what we are, and save our species from the powers that would lead us all to our demise. This is up to US. ALL of US must work together because the people who value corporate shares over human existence are just doing their jobs and at the end of the day, the hat comes off. We are working to save humanity and it’s a 24/7 job that never ends. Bound together, we are formidable and unstoppable. They work for money. We work to survive. Who do you think is more motivated? It’s up to you, what you do and how far you are willing to go.

This is my life’s work and I cannot think of anything more important. Won’t you join me?

Thanks for reading.

Be well,

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